Ignite Your Story Teachings

PART ONE: What’s Your Story?

Discover the story that helps you embody what makes you a powerful force distinct from everyone else in your industry. Confidently power up your value and mobilize your vision for your business, your life & the world so you can rise to the top as an influential figure who provides real value & impact. Watch this ready to experience transformational shifts in how you do things in your business!

PART TWO: Activate your Audience to Want More

Anyone can tell a story and get attention. But when you OWN your story, that’s when you transform your audience into your most loyal and supportive champions. Discover how to activate your audience to seek YOU out and become your biggest supporters by infusing your story with the strategies that made luxury brands like Louis Vuitton & Apple global leaders.

PART THREE: Give it to them with LOVE 

People are craving business and life role models who mobilize them to take bigger leaps and create deeper transformation. They want to fall in love with something that gives them a higher purpose to rally behind. What if you became the one to step up and lead them to it? In this finale teaching, you’ll discover how to unleash your own Minted LOVE Story and rise to the top as a powerful force of transformational change.


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